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MESSA is a fashion brand based in Czech Republic. Her founder, Petra Messa, focuses on creating winter outerwear, especially coats and jackets. 

Dedication of each single piece

Every piece is unique, different in design and material combination. All the jackets are hand-made by the designer - from the first sketch to the last stitch, focusing on the quality of the tailor's craft in every detail. 

Style and Comfort

The urban design connected with the functional materials is a keystone of quality, long life and joy of wearing. The jackets are adapted for the needs of people who don’t want to compromise between style and comfort. MESSA creates models for women and men, while others are unisex. 


All materials are waterproof, windproof and breathable. Their functionality is achieved by a thin membrane that blocks the rain and also releases moisture and heat to the outside of the fabric. MESSA cares about the environment so she prefers using remains of fabrics from Czech and German manufacturers and traders. 

Made to measure

That is also a reason that each jacket is unique. All items are made to order so they can be adjusted especially for each customer. 
The waste materials from the jackets are being transformed into new products, usually small belt bags or multiple coloured backpacks.