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Amica Body Chain | PRE ORDER
Amica Body Chain | PRE ORDER
Amica Body Chain | PRE ORDER

Amica Body Chain | PRE ORDER

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Amica is a subtle body chain regulated at your neck and waist with a diamond shaped zirconia stone. 

Handmade from brass covered in rhodium, Amica can be worn on top of the clothes as well as directly on the skin. 


  • Artisan
  • Handmade
  • Adjustable fit

This is a pre-order item

Many of our products are made in Capsule Collections. We prefer that this happens so that there is no wastage when it comes to the production side. However we also want you to secure the set in your size!

Our shipping timeframes are an estimate and we will notify you if there will be a considerable delay in delivery. All pre-orders are charged straight away in advance. However, should you have a change of heart or circumstances you are always welcome to cancel your pre-order as long as it is not within 4 days of the shipping time.


Materials & Care

Brass, rhodium, zirconia

The material is water resistant, but we advise to wear it once the perfume is absorbed to your skin.

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