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Untiltled (Gold)-Bracelet-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Untiltled (Gold)-Bracelet-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Untiltled (Gold)-Bracelet-Sia Shafer-Gold-pu·rist
Untiltled (Gold)-Bracelet-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Untiltled (Gold)-Bracelet-Sia Shafer-Silver-pu·rist

Untiltled (Gold)

Sia Shafer
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Left deliberately nameless, this is an ode to each and every one of us who either is, or will be the best version of ourselves. You’re witty, inspiring, brilliantly impulsive and outrageous at the best of times. The important thing is not what they think of you but rather what you think of them.


This sterling silver or 18ct gold plated vermeil hammered bar bracelet has been crafted in a way so as to refine that classic look. The delicate chain that links to the bar is done in a manner that accentuates the beauty of the bracelet. The hammered effect on the solid metal bar adds definition to the bracelet removing the need for it to be engraved. But then again not everything needs to be engraved; somethings are better left unsaid.

The length of the bar is 34mm and the width is 5mm. The chain length is 160mm with an additional 25mm for the extension link

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