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Gypsy (Silver)-Earrings-Sia Shafer-Silver-pu·rist
Gypsy (Silver)-Earrings-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Gypsy (Silver)-Earrings-Sia Shafer-Gold-pu·rist
Gypsy (Silver)-Earrings-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Gypsy (Silver)-Earrings-Sia Shafer-pu·rist

Gypsy (Silver)

Sia Shafer
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Gypsy is an enchanting mix of old and new. With no fixed abode, she’s a state of being that wears off long before you’ve finished your morning coffee. A heady experience that is richly evocative and seemingly always beyond your grasp.


The ingenious design of this earring is such that it gives the impression that two earrings are worn when it's just the one. A bar sits vertically on the ear with the circular disc suspended near the tip of the ear; an edgy look for the everyday.

Please note, the right earring is different to the left and will be clearly marked on receipt.

Sterling Silver Earrings

The earrings are 12mm in length.

Deliver to you from UK.