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Villanelle (Gold)-Ring-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Villanelle (Gold)-Ring-Sia Shafer-Gold (Small) Europe size 50/ UK Size L-pu·rist
Villanelle (Gold)-Ring-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Villanelle (Gold)-Ring-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Villanelle (Gold)-Ring-Sia Shafer-Silver (Small) Europe size 50/ UK Size L-pu·rist

Villanelle (Gold)

Sia Shafer
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Inspired by a female assassin who wore a bubblegum pink tulle dress to a psychiatric evaluation to stick two fingers up at her boss. Completely unorthodox with a hint of femme fatale. Remind you of anyone?


This ring has a minimalist look but with a delicate and effective design, intended for it to never be taken off.  A thin wraparound band with a flick either side of its central meeting point. 

18ct Gold Plated Vermeil Ring

The width of the ring is 1mm. It comes in one size which can be adjusted where required.

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