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[Unique Designer Clothing & Contemporary Accessories Online]-pu·rist

Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask: Gold

Artem Luxe
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  • 100% mulberry silk, highest quality 6a grade, 22 momme, charmeuse finish 

  • double sided silk mask with a silk covered band

  • 100% silk filling for extra softness


  1. ANTI-AGING - moisturizes and hydrates delicate eye area. Prevents wrinkles and sleep creases.

  2. EYELASH CARE - creates a safe haven for eyelashes to grow thicker and stronger.

  3. DEEP SLEEP - creates a dark, dreamy and soft environment so that you can have a deeper, more comfortable beauty sleep.

  4. HAIRCARE - silk band prevents breakage and knotting of hair compared to other sleep masks. 

  5. HYPOALLERGENIC: 100% natural, free of synthetic dye and pesticides. Anti-microbial.

100% natural, sumptuous and highly effective.

We boast of results that you can see and feel overnight. Our silk has been developed and refined at our sustainable sericulture for over 15 years and we bring to you our perfect combination of softness, thickness, durability, and shine.

Our packaging is plastic free and designed to be reusable. Artem Luxe products are the most luxurious, ethically made and environmentally friendly silk masks available on today's market. 

Deliver to you from UK