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Anouska (Silver)-Sterling Silver Earrings-Sia Shafer-Silver-pu·rist
Anouska (Silver)-Sterling Silver Earrings-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Anouska (Silver)-Sterling Silver Earrings-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Anouska (Silver)-Sterling Silver Earrings-Sia Shafer-Gold-pu·rist

Anouska (Silver)

Sia Shafer
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Anouska is the reason why you don't trust girls with an A in their name, especially those with two. Trouble has a new definition when Anouska is in town. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


These earrings are for those who dare to be different, an edgy style that often draws a double take because of the hollow and whole effect. Both earrings are exactly the same, in that they are a geometric circular discs, suspended from a flexible stem. The only difference between the two being that one is a whole disc and the other hollow. The connection of the disc to the stem is ingenious in that whilst it appears as one piece, both are in fact separate which means that as you move, so too does the disc. Available in 18 carat gold vermeil and sterling silver.

The earrings are 17mm at their widest and 31mm in length.

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