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Mrs (Silver)-Sterling Silver Ring-Sia Shafer-Silver-pu·rist
Mrs (Silver)-Sterling Silver Ring-Sia Shafer-pu·rist
Mrs (Silver)-Sterling Silver Ring-Sia Shafer-Gold-pu·rist
Mrs (Silver)-Sterling Silver Ring-Sia Shafer-pu·rist

Mrs (Silver)

Sia Shafer
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She's got iron in her veins and carbon in her soul; she's unapologetically feminine and utterly unconcerned with trying to break glass ceilings. As far as she's concerned, there is no ceiling. Force of change? We think so.


A sheet of precious solid metal wrapped and moulded to create a ring. It can be worn everyday or as a statement piece. It is a striking ring, in a polished finish that adds elegance and a touch of glamour, whatever your look.

Sterling Silver Ring

The ring is 16mm in width at its widest and is a one size ring which can be adjusted to fit all sizes.

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